Erotic love has always been in both depth and intensity greater than the love in platonic relationships. Thus, the love between man and wife being – by even those that would that truth be denied – supposed to be greater than the love between man and friend, or even between man and parent. This, women have always known; and thus the erotic love that has ever united Woman through such movements as the feminist movement, the women’s liberation movement, the women’s empowerment movement, and this generation’s presently prevalent lesbian movement. This, men have never known; and thus the platonic love that has ever had them continually wage war upon war upon each other – even when they claim to be united in friendship. And this truth men have to come to realise, to accept, to imbibe, and to practise; even as women have for generations done: that Man may then rule over Woman – as he has been clearly ordained to do, as her unity in eroticism would that he does not – and that the man may then be not to the future as the dinosaur is to the present. Thus, Nigeria’s first male homosexual fraternity…….The Fairies Confraternity (Lords In Fairy Empires).