Rush is the fraternity’s recruitment period. Each Pride does Rush differently; but it’s usually a period of one to two weeks held at the beginning of the year, during which the Loverhood seeks out new members. Rush events are usually a combination of social events and information sessions. These events are some of the best ways to determine if joining the Lords In Fairy Empires is right for you. To get the most out of Rush, plan on attending as many events as possible. During events, take the time to get to know the Fairies and other Rushees individually.

When Rush ends, Prides extend Toasts (or invitations) to join the Pledge class, to Rushees they feel would make a good fit in the Loverhood. You may, of course, decline your Toast if you feel we are not the right fit for you. When accepting your Toast, keep in mind that Pledging is not a commitment to be taken lightly.


After the new Pledge class is assembled, you will begin a process called Pledge Education. The Pride’s Pledge Educator will teach you about our history, the aims and objectives of the fraternity, the ranks and offices and the various stages in the organisation, and the general fraternal operations. In addition to your Pledge Educator, you will be assigned a Big Brother who will help guide you through the Pledge period. Your Pledge class must also work together as a team on a number of projects assigned by the Pride; such as a community service project, a fundraiser, a road trip to another Pride, as well as participating in any local traditions the Pride has established.

While the Pledge process can be intensive, it is also very rewarding. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Pledge to cultivate strong bonds with his Pledge class and learn what it is to be a Fairy. Pledges are assessed on their individual progress through Pledge Education, as well as their work as a team. When the Pledges have completed their Pledge Education programme (seven weeks after the last day of Rush) they can then take the membership test. Once they have passed the test, they are eligible for initiation.

If you feel the Pledge process isn’t working out for you, you are free to leave the programme at any time without penalty. If you do de-Pledge, you can still change to Rush and Pledge all over again at a later time, and may still come to most of our fraternity’s events.


Why should I join The Fairies Confraternity instead of some other social group?

The Fairies Confraternity (Lords In Fairy Empires) does not compete with other social organisations. However, LIFE does fill a unique niche – it offers a voice not only to all emasculated men, but also to all men that believe in homosexuality as one of the cardinal virtues of true manhood; and it provides a place for them to have purposeful and dignified social, recreational, and service activities. The fraternity was founded to allow all emasculated men, homosexual men, bisexual men, and men that believe in homosexuality as one of the cardinal virtues of true manhood a place in which to form quality, life-long relationships with other men of like minds – a place, in fact, indeed, to find Loverhood. While we do agree that other social groups are important, we also believe it is hard to find relationships as strong as the ones our members create through The Fairies Confraternity, or a voice as powerful as the one our members have through the Lords In Fairy Empires.

How much does it cost to join?

The fraternity has made dues compulsory for all Pledges and members. The exact amount depends on a number of factors and fluctuates from year to year, but it makes The Fairies Confraternity one of the most affordable fraternities in the world.

So aren’t I just “paying for friends”?

Becoming a member of any organisation (be it professional, social, or educational) usually requires some sort of fee. Even churches demand for tithes. The annual dues allow the fraternity to offer greater opportunities and resources to its members. Put in another way, life is about doing things – and doing things cost money. In this respect, LIFE is no different.

Does LIFE discriminate?

Yes. Absolutely no children, and no women, and no transsexuals, and no straight men who don’t believe in homosexuality as one of the cardinal virtues of true manhood are welcome to apply for membership. However, all other men (as long as they are either emasculated, or homosexual, or bisexual, or believe in homosexuality as one of the cardinal virtues of true manhood; and regardless of age, race, socioeconomic background, or religion) are welcome to join.

Does LIFE allow straight members?

Yes. The Fairies Confraternity has always included straight members – as long as they believe homosexuality to be one of the cardinal virtues of true manhood. One of the chief strengths of the Lords In Fairy Empires is its tremendous diversity.

What is LIFE’s policy on transsexual members?

Most unfortunately, the fraternity does not allow transsexual members – that is, members who have in any way chosen to live biologically as women. The Fairies Confraternity strives to create an accepting and supportive role for all men – but all men only. To that end, the fraternity takes this stance on an often contentious issue; and it is an expression both of the fraternity’s commitment to the male gender, as well as the bonds of Loverhood that join all our members.

What does initiation entail?

The Fairies Confraternity enforces a strict policy on its initiations. The wilful abuse and/or public embarrassment of Pledges by members flies in the face of everything that our fraternity stands for, and thus will never be tolerated in our organisation.

Isn’t “gay fraternity” just code for “sex club”?

No. The Fairies Confraternity (Lords In Fairy Empires) is a genuinely fraternal organisation. It was founded on the basis that emasculation and male homosexuality needed a voice to champion their rights; and deserve the same opportunity to experience the deep, meaningful connections that are fundamental to homosexuality (and that women generally have experienced for centuries before now) without fear of discrimination or ostracization. Though some people may find it fun to imagine that a group billing itself as a “gay fraternity” is all about sex, nothing could be further from the truth. The Fairies Confraternity stands for much more.


If a LIFE Pride does not exist near you or if you are ineligible to join a nearby Pride (for instance, due to campus affiliation requirements) it may be possible to start a new Pride of The Fairies Confraternity.

Starting a new Pride is a demanding but highly rewarding process. Helping the Lords In Fairy Empires to expand to new locations provides a unique opportunity to build your own experience and leave a legacy behind at your college or university. Rather than adapt to a fraternity that does not align with your values, you have the responsibility and advantages to shape the direction of a new fraternity and bring positive changes to your campus in particular and to the world in general.

It takes an average of two years to progress from the initial “Interest Group” to an officially chartered Pride of the fraternity. The work required to move from an Interest Group, to a Colony, to a Zone, and finally a Pride, is not easy; but those Fairies who have founded their own Prides look back on it as a fulfilling and even life-changing experience.


The Fairies Confraternity is growing slowly, but we do not create new Prides lightly. The fraternity has developed a rigorous process for the creation of new Prides that ensures that new members have both the leadership skills and commitment to see the group through.

Step 1: Interest Group

The first step in founding a Pride is to assemble a group of like-minded men. This is called an Interest Group. Think of this as an initial recruitment drive. There is no time limit or set schedule for the initial recruitment. Instead, it is important to ensure that all members of the group get along with each other, are serious about the fraternity, and share a willingness to commit to its ideals and purposes. You should also contact the Office of Expansion as soon as possible for guidance and support. During this time, it is important to spend time together as a group, as well as to consider what sort of Pride you would like to become. What does your group stand for? How does that fit within the larger whole of The Fairies Confraternity? Once the Interest Group includes at least four (4) serious members, they may apply to become a Colony of LIFE.

Step 2: Colonisation

A Colony of The Fairies Confraternity is a Zone-In-Training. At this stage of the process, a group is working towards being recognised as an official Pride of the confraternity. Similar to Prides, you will be recruiting new members, organising social events, raising funds for your Colony, and participating in philanthropy efforts. You are also doing the work unique to Founders – gaining recognition at your college, or university, or locality; starting the traditions of your future Pride; and laying the groundwork for all future generations of the fraternity.

The fraternity provides guidance throughout this period. Every Colony is assigned two official Colony Members or Brothers who are committed to seeing the Colony through this time. This mentors act as educators and advisers throughout the Colonisation Process. Additionally, Colonies are expected to maintain regular contact with the Director of Expansion and his Regional Director, as well as to attend Regional Conferences and Conventions. In this way, Colonies are provided with a far-reaching support network to help them through periods of uncertainty or difficulty.

Step 3: The Zone

In order to progress from a Colony to a full Zone, the Colony must successfully educate a minimum of three Pledge classes (one every six months), show continued growth and sustainability, and demonstrate good leadership. Upon submission of a Pride Petition and approval from the Office of Expansion, the Colony will undergo an initiation.

Step 4: The Pride

The Zone becomes a Pride when it has fully initiated members. Then the Zone will be officially recognised as a Pride of the Lords In Fairy Empires.


What is Expansion?

Expansion is a term that we use to describe the growth process for The Fairies Confraternity. Although the Lords In Fairy Empires would like to give our fraternity experience to every man who fits our values, we are not in a race for size. The fraternity will expand only to where we are able to support a Pride.

How do we become an Interest Group?

Simply contact the Office of Expansion so that the fraternity is aware of your group. You will be given regular advice on how you can transition from Interest Group to Colony.

What is the level of commitment during the Interest Group stage?

Interest Groups are informal, and you are not officially committed to the fraternity during this stage. However, in addition to spending time together socially, Interest Group members should carefully consider their eventual involvement with the fraternity. What it means to them, and whether they are prepared for it.

How do we become a Colony?

An Interest Group must meet certain requirements before it can be recognised as a Colony of The Fairies Confraternity:

a) at least 4 actively interested members.

b) a formal Colony Petition must be submitted to the Office of Expansion for approval. This document outlines your intention and desire to affiliate with the Lords In Fairy Empires.

c) a non-refundable fee (split among the members of the Interest Group).

Once approved as a Colony of The Fairies Confraternity, you will work with the Office of Expansion to begin the Colonisation process.

How is a Colony different from a Zone?

Colonies are recognised as Zones-In-Training, and participate in most fraternal activities; including recruitment, Pledge Education, fund-raising, community service, road trips, social activities, Regional Conferences, and National Conventions.

However, Colonies do not have the same privileges as full Zones or full Prides. Members of a Colony who have completed their Pledge Education do not undergo an initiation, and are instead granted “Zone” status. Colonies receive a great deal of guidance from their Mentors and other members of the Fraternity Office during this period. A Colony gains full privileges and initiates its members at the end of the Colonisation period at an event called Pride Chartering.

How long does it take to go from Colony to Zone?

At a minimum, a Colony must successfully educate three (3) Pledge classes, usually two every year. This means that the minimum amount of time spent as a Colony will be around eighteen months. However, Colonies are expected to demonstrate sustainability, growth, and good leadership during this time. If the Office of Expansion has concerns about the Colony’s strength at the end of its third Pledge class, it may decide that an extra class or two of Colony status is necessary.

Are there fees?

As previously mentioned, submitting a Colony Petition requires a fee (spread among the prospective Zone members). There is also a similar fee associated with the Charter Petition. In addition, the fraternity assesses annual dues. The exact amount paid on dues depends on a number of factors and varies from year to year.


If you are interested in bringing The Fairies Confraternity (Lords In Fairy Empires) to your locality, please supply the following information…..

a) Name

b) E-mail Address

c) School or Community

d) Phone Number

e) Country

f) State/Province

g) City

h) How did you hear about us?

…..please supply the information above to the address below…..

The Fairies Confraternity (Lords In Fairy Empires)

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