a) A fraternity for emasculated men, homosexual men, bisexual men, and men that believe in homosexuality as one of the cardinal virtues of true manhood.

b) To promote, in general, the rights of all homosexual and bisexual men worldwide.

c) To promote, in particular, the rights of those men worldwide who have been emasculated by the societal norms and values of the day.

d) To further the interests of all homosexual and bisexual men worldwide.

e) To work towards the eradication of emasculation, the emancipation of male homosexuality, and the renaissance of true masculinity.

f) To promote activities that will encourage all men towards the full exercise of the homosexual spirit; and the awakening of all its physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities.

g) To stand against all acts of male homophobia; be it violence, exclusion, discrimination, intolerance, or more, or less, or worse.

h) To engage in academic research on male homosexual history, values, culture, and tradition.

i) To provide scholarships and funds for male homosexuals in business, politics, and the academia.

j) To provide different solutions to the problems of the homosexual man.

k) To enhance and to promote the image of homosexual men all over the world.

l) To redeem the modern man from the emasculation of civilisation.